Best online MBA program

Best online MBA program

Online  MBA program of 38 credits from the Zarb Business School is number 9 in the nation according to Poets and Quants, number 16 of The Princeton Review and number 24 worldwide by QS World University Rankings, positioning the program Online MBA from Zarb as the best ranked. 

Located on Long Island, New York, the Zarb School of Business of Hofstra offers several graduate programs. The online MBA program is the newest program in the Zarb school that is offered as a fully accredited MBA program for professionals working through fully online courses.

* To be eligible for the 38-credit program, you must have the requirements of a business degree from an accredited AACSB institution. The credits that are included in the undergraduate courses taken in the last five years, with a grade of B or better, in Economics, Legal aspects of business and a specialization in undergraduate business. Without these qualified credits, you can complete the MBA within 45 credits.

Why the Hofstra online MBA program?

The first distance education program in Business Management and Healthcare Management in New York 
School accredited by the AACSB for more than 40 years. 
The GMAT or GRE requirements are under certain conditions, depending on the progressive work experience. 
Courses taught by full-time professors and outstanding professionals in the field. 
Leadership evaluation and individualized executive coaching, using the Hogan Development Survey, recognized worldwide and scientifically scientific. 
Take advantage of the proximity to the business world of New York through links to the industry, events and professional services.

Hofstra University understands that many of the professionals who work for the day become a flexible academic program for careers and personal life. Our online MBA program, ranked number 15 in the nation according to The Princeton Review and number 36 in the nation according to US News & World Report, is the most qualified online MBA program in New York and is the ONLY Program Classified in both studies.

The online MBA program offers you the flexibility to advance your education and career without leaving your home. Our online MBA program is designed for experienced professionals looking for an education focused on strategic business management or the strategic management of healthcare. Frank G. Zarb, this program offers you the necessary tools to carry out your education and your future to new levels of success.

If you can not attend any of our on-site information sessions or scheduled seminars, see our virtual information sessions below. Listen to all about this exciting program from Dr. Kaushik Sengupta, Director of the Online MBA Program and Associate Dean, Business Graduate Education.

It is clear that postgraduate courses in Business Administration (MBA) are an effective way to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge and fundamental tools on management and business management. In addition, they suppose prestige, specialization and a differentiating factor in the face of job opportunities.

In fact, after the growing interest I’ve had in recent years, the MBA is now more specialized than before. The areas of study have expanded and there is a wide variety of academic programs. This variety has also become evident in the methods of study. Taking into account factors such as the availability of students or the nature of the centers or institutions they teach, a classification of the MBA indicates full-time and part-time programs. However, in recent years the online MBA modality has become more important.As the name implies, the programs are not face-to-face that use virtual platforms and tools for the study of the relevant modules, the presentation of reports or theses and the evaluation. 

Advantages of online MBAs

Even if direct interaction with teachers and classmates is lost, and the possibility of new contacts is reduced, the online MBA represents the advantages for those who opt for this option. Let’s review some of them:

1. Time and physical flexibility:

Online MBA programs are aimed at all people who have the possibility to manage their own time. That is, they also set their days and study hours. In addition, this modality allows them to carry out the modules from anywhere. Simply turn on the computer and connect it to power source. There are no spatial limitations.

2. Travel savings:

In fact, one of the reasons why many professionals opt for this option is because of the savings involved in travel. Taking an MBA sometimes means that you will move to other cities or countries.

3. Reconciliation with another activity:

In addition, this is the flexibility in the schedules and spaces that the students carry out simultaneous activities to the MBA. In general, the online resource is the modality par excellence for those who work in a company and can not attend the modules in person. He also anticipated other types of studies.

4. Immediate application:

When it comes to a work activity, the MBA offers the advantage of being able to apply the acquired knowledge directly. It is not necessary to wait for the modules to move towards the practical phases. Each professional, from his performance site, undertakes the task of applying said knowledge.

5. More objective evaluation:

Before we said that an online MBA involves the loss of interactivity with teachers. However, at the same time it has contributed to make evaluations in a more objective way. Failure to know their students in person ensures that exams and assessments are focused on the work or documents that each student produces.

According to the data of the portal en lí, the industry of distance education or online reports about 34 billion dollars per year. In the United States alone, there are nearly 25,000 courses on the Internet that enroll almost three million students across the country.

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