Description of MBA

Description of MBA

Description of MBA An online and free MBA would be as impressive as a traditional MBA for those interested? The University of the People has what it expects.

Online college , no tuition cost, recently published, launch of an accredited MBA program, scheduled to begin in September 2016, which cost students the sum of $ 2, four hundred from start to finish. At the end of each term, students pay an evaluation fee of the last course of $ 200. However, there is no fee for a fee and they do not have to buy textbooks.

The school already offers degrees and undergraduate degrees, and we have found support from business giants such as Google, HP, Western Union, in addition to The Gates Foundation and Carnegie Corporation .

But what have been the results in an MBA obtained in these circumstances? After all, there are reasons why MBA freshmen pay more than $ one hundred, 000 at Stanford, Harvard and Wharton (University of Pennsylvania). But if you’re not getting your degree from one of the elite business schools, how much does it really matter?


Good Call with Alex Noelke, career services manager at Employment BOOST, about the advantages and disadvantages of obtaining an online MBA with no tuition fees. First, he says that it is important for those who seek and seek an MBA to distinguish between a GMAT MBAT and an MBA that is not GMAT. GMAT is the General Administration Admission Test, and the GMAT is designed to measure analytical writing, integrated reasoning, verbal and quantitative skills (problem solving).

“Many of the best MBA programs require a fairly good GMAT score and that serves as a filter and barrier for many of the best programs,” cube Noelke. Explains: “For many, the mathematics in the GMAT are the obstacles, but you can also realize that the great mathematics, which have contributed to most of the quantitative aspects of an advanced MBA program.”

The other class of MBA programs does not require applicants to take the GMAT, and Noelke makes certain programs available online at a lower cost, or in the case of l. A. Universidad del Pueblo, free of charge. “Many are the excited to see the angels people continue with him. A. Popular education, which is always a point in favor, “adds Noelke, but he wants to add that to compare MBA programs, they are not apples with apples.

“Observers that the school angels attended more than anything, so some of the lesser known or newly created programs are not able to compete with, say, someone who attended one of the top 50 MBA schools.”

Do not miss out on the list of advantages of a program on the free line of the media. own rhythm. From your desired location.

“However, a major disadvantage is the possibility of not having the same level of credibility as other programs and, sometimes, people experience a poor grouping of students, the barrier to entry for the program is low.”

The MBA program at the University of the Peoples can elude some of the labels that can hinder other online programs. The dean of business admission of l. A. School is an advertising professor of l. A. Stern School of Business at the University of New York. Several impressive people from the academic world have volunteered their time and efforts to help create the program, including the teachers at Wharton, Stern and l. A. Business School of the University of Oxford.

While the jury may be out of Los Angeles accepting the employer, l. A. Universidad del Pueblo is already changing the game. The TED talk was presented by the president of the school of los angeles, Shai Reshef, who has obtained more than 2.Five million visits. The title of l. A. presentation? “An extremely low-cost university degree”.

The colleges and universities in a community drive the growth of their gross domestic product, and it is not only through increased spending by all students and faculty members that they will expand local services. That is an agreement with a new working document in the National Office of Economic Research.

The above data is focused on the United States, usually on schools and individual communities. A 2015 document examined the impact of rural Oregon universities on local communities, finding a mutually beneficial relationship with greater diversity and stabilized conditions. An article published in 2005 in Urban Studies found that it is not only large universities that do it. A. Difference; Even small schools with commuter populations can revitalize local networks.

According to the NBER document, 20% of young adults around the world have access to it. A. Advanced education, compared to only 1% in 1900. That has led to growth in universities in large and small communities, changing l. A. Way in which the ideas spread around the planet. Inequalities exist, of course, and there are still bands of people with limited capacity to study. But more than ever, more people can get more education.


The document analyzes 1,500 regions in 78 countries since 1950 and its economic development since 1950. One of the main forms in universities. That people come to the area to study. There is also a greater demand for goods and services due to the university. Finally, the authors report that there is more support for democratic ideals in the university communities.

Each of these growth measures has been shown in previous documents, but with some publicity, so that NBER tries to unravel the external factors and what can really be offered by the universities and the areas that control those factors. “What the university growth has a strong association with the subsequent growth of GDP in line with the capita at the subnational level,” the study notes. In addition, “we find the duplication of universities in a region is associated with a GDP in line with higher capita by more than 4%.”

Another finding: it does not seem to have had a finite effect: adding more schools will continue to improve, as well as universities in regions, regions, regions, country, networks, regions, regions, regions, country, social networks. The greatest effects for regions that are close together. “

The authors claim that the factors that many, especially Westerners, suspect were leading the economic impact play some role: “We show that the effect of l. A. University works by increasing the angels offer human capital and also by increasing innovation But both channels are small in magnitude.

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