How to choose the MBA to study?

Taking an MBA is not a matter of viewing a catalog of study programs and choosing the one we like the most or the one that seems most profitable; It requires some more objective criteria, in order to get what we have decided.

Undoubtedly, everything Master will leave positive results, but a true entrepreneur and leader, will look beyond good results; will think of what is most optimal and efficient; about everything that fits your own objectives.

What are the criteria that will allow me to make a good selection of an MBA?

To have criteria is to have responsibility; that is, be fully aware of the decision to be made; It does not mean that the choice of a Master is something supremely transcendent but that the result is really the expected one.

1 # Which program is best for you?

All programs are good and each has its own advantages but certainly not all adapt to your goals and possibilities. The first criterion to develop before making a decision regarding the type of MBA you want to study, is precisely what is the most suitable program for you.

Is the program related to your career? The intention of choosing an MBA program is to specialize in the area you want to master or that has been your career; Although it is important to have general knowledge, the most strategic thing is to be an expert in your area.

Does the program project you to the type of business you are thinking of undertaking? At the time of reviewing the programs; You should focus on how much you develop with respect to your business proposal; The intention is for the program to give you the strategies and resources that will work for your personal project.

How much does the program update me? The program to choose should leave me at the forefront of what I want to achieve; that has the most recent resources, studies and hot statistics.

Answering these questions will place you in a clearer scenario to make a truly right decision.

2 # Where should I study the MBA?

It is vital to look for a business school that keeps me in healthy professional competence; although there are many business schools, that is not why they are all of the same quality.

A prestigious and internationally renowned school gives you better guarantees; However, it is known that economically it will be more demanding.

Thinking about making a good investment is an intelligent thought; seeking to save money is a way to failure. Do not skimp on your investment and choose a business school that is within the international ranking.

3#. I have forms of financing available.

An MBA is an investment for our professional development; However, despite the intention, not all have the economic possibilities to specify their participation in a Master’s degree; if it is your case, then look for different means to pay for the MBA.

Some opt for scholarships and others for loans; Anyway, you have to think that any investment always returns, so it’s better not to skimp.


Without hurry and without pause, with the criteria previously indicated we can make a highly intelligent selection of the type of MBA that we should take; decision that will bring as a consequence that we take the best advantage in order to solidify our business structure and that it remains in time.