Is it possible to opt for a free MBA?

Is it really true to take an MBA for free? It seems a joke to say something like that; since we are accustomed to the high costs of such specialized programs.

It is not for less to believe that it is possible to take a Master, a higher level study without paying a single cent but let’s see if it is only a speculation or if they really exist in the MBA market at no cost.

Is there a free Master or not?

For all those who have an interest in an MBA and for economic reasons have not been able to, receive the good news that if there are Masters that are dictated without cost.

The above does not mean that all MBAs will have such a feature; since the whole structure behind the logistics and the delivery of these trainings generate expenses that must be assumed by the school and recovered through the enrollment of the students.

What are the requirements to apply for a free Master?

Not everything could be great; since to aspire to a free Master is not an easy task, mainly because the population that wants to take advantage of this type of opportunities is a high volume.

Because of the above, the schools that offer this type of opportunity establish very strict parameters and very demanding filters; so to run and be accepted is not as simple as it sounds.

Important considerations

Although each school has its own policies regarding the offer of free masters, generally these schools do not have the performance or level of more prestigious schools and therefore do not have problems in dictating free Master.

Another detail is that the certification does not have the same value, compared to those who did pay for an MBA.

Why would a professional choose a free Master’s degree?

I will leave you some reasons why some professionals prefer a free masters and not for economic reasons.

They are not sure of obtaining a direct benefit of the specialization and prefer to try and find out if it really will result in an economic benefit.

They use it as a means to connect with other people, professionals and business leaders that allow them to get better opportunities; It does not matter how much they learn, but how many people they can meet and the benefit they will get from it.

They want to evaluate the quality of the content and corroborate that it will really be useful in what they are doing; for some it may mean knowledge not applicable at the level of their work.

They want to have access to the tools and strategies and see how applicable they are to their activities.


A free a priori Master can seem like a golden opportunity and I do not say that it is not like that; However, being aware of the limitations of this type of training is key to knowing what to expect.

If you have the opportunity to do a free Master, do not waste it; the knowledge you can acquire is equally valuable; however, keep expectations in a real field.