MBA College, INCAE Business School

There is a large number of business schools and also MBA Business School or also called MBA School of management, spread all over the world.

But if you are looking for a business school to do an MBA, we recommend that you choose among the most prestigious. These can be found in the different rankings published by institutions dedicated to these activities.

What is the INCAE Business School?

It is a business school with more than 50 years of foundation. It has two Campus, the Francisco de Sola, which are located in Managua – Nicaragua and the Walter Kissling Gam in Alajuela Costa Rica.

It is located among the first schools in the different rankings of Latin America and the world. Being the MBA Business School No. 1 in Latin America according to the Financial Times and No. 96 worldwide according to other organizations.

Currently more than 6000 executives from more than 30 different countries participate in INCAE’s training programs.

Formation programs

Its EMBA is recognized by the Financial Times as the No. 1 in Latin America, has among its advantages that is supported by a strategic alliance between INCAE with the ESADE Business School (Madrid), the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (Beijing) and the Babson College (Boston).

Offer also two MBA of very high prestige, these are:

MBA Latin American Leadership, which is aimed at professionals with little experience, in order to train them in specific areas such as: Sustainability, Marketing, Operations & Technology, Finance & Economics or Entrepreneurship.

It is ranked No. 1 by several organizations.

These two programs have several forms of participation, full time, residential time and others.

Study costs

The costs of tuition and other fees depend on the modality of the MBA and the nationality of the applicant, whether or not it is Latin American.

Other benefits of being part of INCAE

INCAE has a scholarship program for those with few resources that demonstrate their desire and ability to obtain the training for which the master’s degree is designed.

INCAE is part of a network of educational institutions in the United States, Europe and Asia where you can complement your professional training.

At the student level, INCAE has several organizations that allow the participation of its members in different professional activities such as:

  • INCAE MBA Oath Club.
  • The Leadership and Diversity Club.
  • The Club of Sustainability.
  • Business Club.
  • INCAE Marketing Society.
  • The Art and Culture Club.
  • Club of Corporate Social Responsibility.

The INCAE Entrepreneur Award. It is a contest for entrepreneurs, which seeks to train 20 professionals to be elements of multiplication and contribution to the development of Latin America.


The INCAE Business School is the most prestigious business school in Latin America and one of the first in the world.

Its more than 50 years of experience and its educational and professional quality make it one of the best options to achieve the training you need to continue to succeed in your professional life.